Taken from nature,
return to nature
Worked in Taiwan for 12 years, committed to the development of environmentally friendly products.
Fu Sheng Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd, Taiwan's first professional OEM and ODM manufacturer with qualified certification for cosmetics, food-grade cleaners and general cleaners.
We adhere to the entrepreneurial insistence of three principles: "" raw material traceability management, natural organic certification from the US and Europe, and international TAF laboratory environmental product certification"". 
All products are natural, safe, non-toxic, non-chemical, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and eco-friendly cleaners that can purify natural, safe and gentle to the human body and the natural environment, and harmless. Taken from nature, return to nature, these are the directions we work hard and stick to.
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Obtained multiple international certifications.

Use food-grade standards to develop the most natural products.

In our product spirit, any item must meet the following principles. A pure life is a better and healthier life, and a pure environment is indispensable. Our mission is to make the global human body, mind, spirit and natural environment healthier.

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Natural ingredients

Use natural resources as ingredients and protect the natural ecology as the principle.

Antibacterial and deodorizing

Prevent viruses and germs from spreading, decomposing the source of odor generated by organic matter

Environmental protection and resource saving

Put an end to pollution and maintain pollution-free protection of the ecological environment.


Not only need to eliminate pollution, but also to purify the existing pollution.

Health benefits

It does not harm the skin and helps the injured superficial layer of the skin restore healthy conditions.

Anti-warming, carbon reduction, energy saving

Avoid the influence of methane and dioxin produced by the volatilization of petrochemical cleaners on the atmosphere.


Designated cooperation with well-known brands


Product Series

Adhere to natural ingredients, our products have passed multiple of international certifications.

Bath Products

Bath Products

Tailored to the needs of customers, customized bath products, from babies to the elderly have exclusive formulas.
Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

According to different living habits and skin conditions, create products for different skin types to improve skin's firmness, smoothness, gloss, whiteness.
Pet Care Products

Pet Care Products

Insist on using 100% natural plant extracts, develop the most natural pet products with food-grade standards. We have obtained multlple international authority certifications.
Household Cleaning Products

Household Cleaning Products

Adhering to the principles of naturalness, health, and pollution-free, and food-grade cleaners are the highest level among general cleaners, create the most safe and healthy cleaning products.
Mother & Baby Care Products

Mother & Baby Care Products

Understanding the needs of a baby's body is essential to his proper development. Making each product effective, mild, soothing and nourish to baby's delicate skin.

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