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Fu Sheng Feng is a leading company in natural, organic, eco-friendly, and low-carbon products.

Fu Sheng Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading company committed to natural, organic, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon products. Our customer-centric brand and products embody a commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation, covering personal care, beauty, high-end household cleaning, natural and organic pest control, formaldehyde removal, deodorizing, and pet care OEM product series. Each OEM product is unique and customizable.

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the industry by providing products prioritizing consumer and environmental health. We believe in the power of nature and its ability to offer safe and effective solutions. Research and development are paramount to us, making us experts in OEM and ODM services, meeting the specific needs of global clients.

We prioritize research and development, constantly driving product innovation. Our team of professionals and researchers is dedicated to finding new ingredients, formulations, and technologies to meet market and customer demands. Our products not only excel in effectiveness but also feature unique technological advancements, providing customers with a distinct experience.

Moreover, we are committed to applying technology to product improvement and production process optimization. We utilize data analysis and smart manufacturing technology to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize resource wastage. This not only enables us to deliver higher-quality products but also contributes to environmental protection and sustainability.

Our personal care and beauty series are crafted using the finest natural and organic ingredients, ensuring gentle yet effective formulas that nourish and restore skin and hair. We understand the importance of high-quality skincare and beauty care in enhancing natural beauty and promoting overall health.

In the high-end household cleaning sector, we offer a range of products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. From multi-purpose cleaners to specialty solutions, each product is meticulously formulated to deliver outstanding results without compromising safety or sustainability.

Our commitment to natural and organic solutions extends to pest control, formaldehyde removal, and deodorizing products. We strive to provide effective solutions that minimize harm to the environment and human health.

Additionally, our natural and organic pet care product series reflects our dedication to pet health. From shampoos and conditioners to grooming sprays and supplements, each product is carefully formulated to meet pets' unique needs while promoting their health and happiness, free from the toxicity of petrochemicals.

At Fu Sheng Feng Industrial Co., Ltd., we are not just a company but a movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future. Our products embody integrity, quality, and innovation, and we are proud to lead the way towards a greener, cleaner world for future generations.

In summary, Fu Sheng Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. views technological innovation and low-emission production as key drivers of company development. Through continuous investment in technology and research and development, and the application of technology to products and production processes, we strive to become an industry leader, providing customers with the most advanced and efficient products and services. 


Innovative technology, smart technology, traceability management

In our product spirit, any product must meet the following principles to protect the earth, reduce pollution, avoid the poison of synthetic petrochemical lotions, and work together to help the health of the earth's environment, dedicated to you who are willing to protect the new environment of the earth! Natural, safe, non-toxic, non-chemical, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, natural environmentally friendly cleaners that can purify, safe and gentle to the human body and the natural environment, harmless, taken from nature, returning to nature, etc. are our efforts and adherence to the direction .


1. Natural raw materials-use natural resources as raw materials and respect the trajectory of natural ecology as the principle.

2. Health Benefits-Intrinsically safe, non-toxic and can help the almost fully acidified ecology and restore healthy vitality. Intrinsically safe, does not harm the skin, and can help the injured biological surface skin to restore healthy conditions.

3. Environmental protection-eliminate pollution and maintain pollution-free protection of the ecological environment.

4. Purification function-Not only can the pollution be eliminated, but also the existing pollution can be purified to restore the healthy ecology of the green mountains and waters of the past.

5. Antibacterial effect-The spreading invasion of infectious viruses and germs has become the greatest threat to modern human life. The rich and abundant environmental protection formula can effectively maintain the ecological balance.avoid the spread of viruses and germs.

6. Deodorizing effect-Under the condition of maintaining environmental sanitation, it can effectively decompose the amine nitrogen exhaust gas and odor source generated after the organic matter is decomposed, so as to make the odor, peculiar smell, including the body odor of the human body.can be decomposed and disappeared.

7. Energy-saving effect-It can greatly save electricity, water, manpower, and material resources, with the best energy-saving effect, and solve the energy crisis.

8. Resource saving-It can greatly reduce the social costs of medical care and environmental remediation caused by environmental pollution, ecological deterioration, and environmental remediation.

9. Functionality-It can meet the urgent needs of human beings for personal hygiene, household hygiene, and environmental hygiene, as well as the urgent needs of lotions, insecticides, and fungicides, and enhance the contribution to the necessary functions in various fields.

10. Anti-warming and carbon reduction effect-It can avoid the influence of methane and dioxin produced by the volatilization of petrochemical lotion on the atmosphere.


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Passed a number of international certifications

Fushengfeng's ingredient formulas have passed international organic certification, and only provide truly environmentally friendly and effective products.